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We wish all of our families and friends in the Yarra community a happy, safe and restful Christmas and New Year.

We look forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 31 January, 2018." data-date="" data-thumb="JS_xmascarols2.jpg" data-thumb-list="" data-category="feature" data-type="feature" data-author=""Congratulations to our Primary Hearing Unit students who just became the Primary Schools Deaf Sports Champions for 2017.

you'll get employment experience, you'll learn about marketing, sales, and networking, and, best of all, you'll make some cash! In 2011 one the community Gourd Award and grant from the Urban Health Initiative.--Visit to learn about summer science programs in Chicago and around the nation!

You might want to see if you can earn money doing small part-time jobs for friends and neighbors...

Info on scholarships and other specials is near the top of the page.

Jackson, Nash Karate, Capoeira Angola, Tai Chi for health. Jackson Outdoor and Environmental Junior Earth Team (JETS). -- Check out and to learn more about investments and businesses. Check out one of David Macaulay's fabulous illustrated books.

-- Visit to apply for internship positions -- Pick up by William O'Neil at a bookstore or library -- Gain experience volunteering by checking out 312-780-0800 -- Ask around at a local church or community center to see if things need to get done. or for a hospital- La Rabida, Jackson Park, U of C -- Pick up -- Interested in architecture?

JPG" data-thumb-list="" data-category="Junior" data-type="campus" data-author="Mr Chris Lawson"This week we welcomed back our high achievers from the Class of 2016 at a special Dux Assembly, the Junior School (Years 3 - 6) held their House swimming carnival and our Preps celebrated 10 days in Junior School!

" data-date="" data-thumb="Junior_Swimming0192.jpg" data-thumb-list="" data-category="feature" data-type="feature" data-author=""I was extremely proud of our Junior School Captains and choir members as they performed at Hamer Hall last night..." data-date="" data-thumb="elc xmas4.jpg" data-thumb-list="" data-category="Junior" data-type="campus" data-author="Mr Chris Lawson"We look forward to welcoming everyone on Saturday from 3.00pm. " data-date="" data-thumb="Festival_logo.jpg" data-thumb-list="" data-category="feature" data-type="feature" data-author=""We will soon begin the process of formulating classes for next year..." data-date="" data-thumb="frenchbuddy_1.jpg" data-thumb-list="" data-category="Junior" data-type="campus" data-author="Mr Chris Lawson"Every now and then I have the privilege of lending a hand at the Refugee Tutoring Program..." data-date="" data-thumb="Paul Joy.jpg" data-thumb-list="" data-category="Red" data-type="standard" data-author="Mr Paul Joy"I trust that all Middle School students have read their set of June reports with their parents.

Park camps and clubs are increasingly concentrated in certain locales and not duplicated in every neighborhood so that it may be necessary to go many miles to a fieldhouse that offers what you are interested in. The cost for the Middle-School Computer Discovery Camp for Girls is 5.00; need-based scholarships are available. Teams representing community organizations thoroughout Chicago compete in meets and race to be citywide champs. Please make sure to share this link for Teens to enroll. Family and Support Services- Youth Ready Chicago Career Development Centers (YRC CDC). We are in Region 4- at Centdral States SER-Jopbs for Progres, contact Diana Flores, 3948 W. summer, and other learning experiences for ages 6-18 in sports and recreation, arts, personal development and careers are tied to 6 Regional Consortium Centers (RCC) and 6 Youth Career Development Centers (YCDC) in the offices of the six CPS regions (pres. There is a web guide to resources in Job Resources for Youth and Youth Ready Summer Jobs Program.