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Major refugee admissions occurred outside the national origins quota system during the 1950s.

The Refugee Relief Act (RRA) of August 7, 1953, and the amendments of August 1954, authorized the admission of 214,000 refugees from war-torn Europe and escapees from Communist-dominated countries.

After the Displaced Persons Act of 1948 expired in 1952, this legislation became the nation's second refugee resettlement law and increased the admission rate to over 200,000 refugees.

The Hart-Cellar Act abolished the national origins quota system but still maintained was the principle of numerical restriction by establishing 170,000 Hemispheric and 20,000 per country ceilings and a seven-category preference system (favoring close relatives of U. citizens and permanent resident aliens, those with needed occupational skills, and refugees) for the Eastern Hemisphere and a separate 120,000 ceiling for the Western Hemisphere.

About 19,700 refugees entered under the 1960 legislation. participation was limited to one-fourth of the total number resettled.

Its primary purpose was to enable the United States to participate in an international effort to close the refugee camps which had been in operation in Europe since the end of World War II. Cuban refugees began entering the United States with the fall of the Batista government in 1959, and continued throughout the 1960s and, in smaller numbers, the 1970s.

International political considerations are also factors which are involved.

We should take reasonable steps to help these people to the extent that we share the obligation of the free world." In particular, the inclusion of the category of escapees from communist domination in this and subsequent refugee legislation reflected the preoccupations of this Cold War period.

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The Refugee Relief Act also referred to as the Special Migration Act of 1953 was a law passed by the 83rd Congress.Thirty percent of the admissions during the life of the Act were Italians, followed by Germans, Yugoslavs, and Greeks.The RRA originated as an Administration bill, and combined humanitarian concern for the refugees and escapees with international political considerations.Approximately 700,000 Cuban refugees had entered the United States prior to a new influx which began in April 1980.

The United States has accepted the Cubans as refugees from communism through a variety of legal means. 102) eliminated refugees as a category of the preference system, and set the worldwide ceiling at 270,000, exclusive of refugees.A total of 29,000 entered under the temporary 1957 refugee provisions, led by Hungarians, Koreans, Yugoslavs, and Chinese.

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