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09-Sep-2016 04:01

“As long as it’s not killing people, damaging property, that kind (of activity).”He knows he is lucky to have accepting parents.But for some of his crossplaying friends, things can get pretty rough at home.Date, who made clear he is not gay or confused about his gender identity, says his first attempt at crossplaying was in 2010 and it was such a bad experience that he almost quit the hobby. Oh look, ah-kua (Hokkien expression for transvestite).“The criticisms I got, I can remember till today,” he recalls. Oh look, a ladyboy."But he was determined not to let critics and bullies ruin his love for what he considers an art form. This time, he sought help from more experienced crossplayers like Lee Hongzhu who taught him better makeup techniques.“They don’t encourage me but they go around it,” says the bachelor.“If our relatives happen to see what I’m doing, my mum will explain to these people that oh, I am doing this for a job.” And unlike many Asian parents with single, adult children, his parents avoid asking him about his love life.I know hana is but not really sure is online dating weird yahoo baozi.

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“Now that I’ve actually gone ahead and tried it myself, it’s pretty much just cosplay.”After more than half a decade, his parents’ stance has softened, particularly because crossplaying is now part of See Jay’s job requirement.

But his parents did figure it out and got very upset with him.