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04-Sep-2016 00:41

A band can get tons of mileage out of a good press kit, or EPK (electronic press kit).

As the name suggests, a press kit’s main function is for press outreach, when promoting singles, albums, tours, etc.

Making up a label name for your release looks a bit amateurish, especially when someone decides to google the label and doesn’t find much of anything.

Experienced people know that a band that chooses to self-release and does so successfully is every bit as respectable as one who releases through a label.

Doing so will just make more room for your best content to stand out.

It’s 2016, so I assume you all know that you should never attempt to send someone a music file unless they specifically request it from you.

If your band’s upcoming release is being put out in partnership with a label, that’s a good thing to include.

Sometimes when bands self-release, they are compelled to invent a label to release under.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. This is certainly not to say that you need to race out and buy a billion likes or get botox or anything.

Even if you aren’t sending your music out, it’s always good to keep a tidy online presence.

Common offenders I see are outdated band photos, blurry live shots, dimly-lit photos of your practice space, multiple photos that are almost exactly the same as other photos, tweets you thought were funny but actually aren’t, old flyers, inside joke photos that aren’t funny to people outside of your band, and – god forbid – posts that involve talking shit or complaining in any way. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re unsure about a specific piece of content, just delete it.

Depending on whether the music you’re sending around has been released yet or not, you can embed a public or private link to the track on your Soundcloud or Bandcamp account.

If you aren’t sending around new material, simply include an embed of your most recent release.

Regular readers of our blog will know about my slight obsession with what constitutes a good band photo. Be sure to include 1-3 press photos of your band in any kit. Has your band been written up in the last year or so?