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First confirmation on the policies: Solution for updates: So Windows Defender gets its definition updates within the same Software Updated routines as SCEP we just need to add Windows Defender to the Products we want to Sync updates for.

Microsoft Enterprise Client Management Evangelist with: 10 years experience within Microsoft System Management Solutions Extensive experience across Private and Public Sector Passion for Community Driven work, volunteering within Microsoft technology Great belief that sharing experience within fellow peers is key to creating a sustainable society Strong commitment to System Center User Group Norway as co-founder and current leader I am a technology enthusiast working as a consultant for the consultant company CTGlobal.bjm_ I am somewhat confused about your comment "there is a small resident data base for offline scanning." Does this mean that when I run a scan while offline that it is a lesser scan than a scan run while online because it is using a "small resident data base" when scanning while offline?

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Getting a fix on how much bandwidth Norton is using each month is very important.