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The museum is named after Gurusaday Dutt, a civil servant in British India, who spent his life collecting art objects from the remotest corners of undivided Bengal - Kalighat paintings, patuas' scrolls, kanthas, terracotta panels, stone sculptures, wooden carvings, dolls, toys... The museum, with its red terracotta gate overlooking the bustle of Diamond Harbour Road, is an oasis of bucolic life.

A couple of ducks skirt the edges of a dark pond in the precincts and cows ruminate under trees dotting the five-acre plot.

These sketches accompany the figurines showing the craftsmanship of the artisans with ink and adze, alike.

An ante-chamber to the main museum hall has archaeological objects from Tamluk dating back to the second century - a lashyamayi or alluring Durga, a crowned Buddha in a seated position, and an idol of Marichi, a Buddhist deity.

But, what's even more exciting is that her timeline is flooded by Tweets made by Indian women hi-fiving them. So, without further ado, let's take a look at her tweets.

You’re automatically rendered incapable of achieving things because “aurat zehni taur par mard sy thori kamzor hai.” So if I do any projects, achieve awards, or do something extraordinary, either it was “the woman card” or a man helped me out in it.

Just as the garland was taken off, he assumed his human form...

The colourful patachitra that narrates this folklore, frame by frame, is to be found in the Gurusaday Museum near Joka, on the outskirts of Calcutta. "He created a new concept of museum," says Gautam Sengupta, erstwhile director-general of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Basu writes, "His cultural ideology was upheld as an alternative to the contemporary political activities of the 'radical Swarajists', the 'rural Gandhians' and the revolutionaries of Bengal in the 1930s." Walking past the glass-panelled displays of kanthas and patachitras, one is drawn to the carved wooden figurines on pedestals.While she was away, a village woman found the saudagar and threw a garland around his neck. Upon return, when Fanshude's daughter could not find her beloved, she disguised herself as a man and wandered around.In the meantime, the king of the region announced that he would marry his daughter to anyone who could rid the kingdom of wild animals.Basu draws attention to how Dutt used his government office to encourage and collect folk art.

All of this culminated in the 1932 exhibition of folk arts organised under the aegis of the Indian Society of Oriental Art. (@Sidraaminq) December 27, 2017 Many men(and women) also taught me that I am probably living in stone age and their version of Pakistan doesn't have it this bad. it's not just Pakistan but many nations where women are treated as 2nd class citizen, not necessarily through out, there are pockets with better scenarios.

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