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12-Nov-2016 19:24

A clus index does *not* have to be defined by you as unique.Just define it as a clus index; let SQL itself will take of the uniqueness for you :-) .After the tables have been created and the data added, changing or updating data in the tables becomes one of the day-to-day processes in maintaining a database.SQL Server provides the following ways to change data in an existing table.In the end of day only an Query Execution Plan will show. Yes, other non-clus indexes on the table will be made wider if a clus index is added.But I'd be stunned if the current query did not perform *much* better with *clus* indexes on the SKU on both tables.Scott: I can't do the clustered index - each day we receive a CSV file we bulk import.

Yes, the clus index contains the table data, but that does not really widen the clus index; the *index*/keyed portion of a clus index is just the index key.

We import the CSVs of "everything" and then about 100,000 - 150,000 need updates.

It looks like it is hung up on the indexing now (20 minutes)... I'm going to wait for everything to finish (I don't want to trigger some massive rollbacks) and will check back in later once I know the server is OK.

I also wouldn't build a clustered index on the fly, because it is possible there are duplicate records in the feed.

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Yes, we could do a scrub on the table first, but are we then adding more steps that may not boost performance much?The "row moving" stuff only applies if you change the key, or fill in strings with significantly different lengths. The temp index should NOT be clustered to have any performance advantages. There is (probably) no advantage, and might even be a disadvantage, to cluster that index on the temp table.

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