Validating people

21-Jun-2016 11:18

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For example: If you’re obsessed with what other people post about you on Facebook, than you might be suffering from low self-esteem.Another earlier study went to the extent of recommending that people with low self-esteem shouldn’t use Facebook.If you go by the traditional validation advice, you might end up rationalizing your wrong life decisions.You’ll search for patterns of info that confirm your existing beliefs. Don’t let your life choices be determined by other’s opinions. And hundred similar inspiring statements are coated as self-improvement advice around the term “validation.”​​Let me start with a food story. That doesn’t really change things, though - you’ve treated a symptom.

You can do better: Instead of simply changing your validation source, search and identify the underlying cause.The tendency to look at new evidence in a certain way, that confirms your existing hypothesis and conveniently ignore the facts that clash against your ideologies, has a fancy name in psychology: What’s astounding is that when your wrong opinions are repeated sufficient number of times, then your mind will reinforce a feedback loop.

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