Who is billy currington dating

06-Feb-2017 19:07

Bones has been open about these problems throughout their entire relationship, because the possible backlash was something the two considered before they got together.“We started dating, and I was like, ‘We probably should think about this before we date.In an effort to combat the backlash, the couple figured that maybe if people were no longer seeing things about their relationship, then maybe it would not be in the front of their minds so much and they would stop treating Ell so unfairly. We stopped posting things about each other, stopped everything,” Bones revealed.

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Country radio listeners received some disappointing news on Monday (Oct. Host Bobby Bones revealed that he and Lindsay Ell are no longer dating after a year-long relationship.

The decision to end things came after considering both of their positions in country music and how it affected their relationship.

As had been the case with her previous LPs, an international version of the collection was compiled for the pop-heavy markets outside the U. Currington was enjoying the success of his 2003 debut album, but still a year away from his first Number One single, "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right." Teaming with Twain raised Currington's profile considerably, even garnering the chiseled singer some added (ahem) exposure with a Playgirl magazine cover in early 2005.